Joined head2head at the age of 18 from college, very enthusiastic barber now at the age of 30 has his own head2head in the city centre head2headinc



playing bass guitar, Reading books (mostly disc world by terry pratchett) tattoo’s and getting tattooed.

Favourite Films:

Tim burton’s sweeney todd, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, iron man, all die hard films, the shinning, seven, re-animator, planet terror, wanted, shawn of the dead, sin city, 300, spinal tap, metallica some kind of monster, haggared, the hangover. Alot of old skool horror movies friday the 13, a nightmare on elm street, texas chainsaw massicra, amittiville horror, hellraiser.

Favourite Music:

AFI, lost prophets, suicide silence, BMTH, the agonists, less than jake, kidney thieves, drop dead gorgious, metallica, bleeding through, kanya west, amere, rianna, ministry of sound.

My Favourite Saying:

“good times rock and roll!”